Getting back into coding

There was a period in the end of last year and the beginning of this year in which I was mostly doing code reviews, exploring the domain and thinking about architecture. These are topics I'm very interested in but the scary part of this is that you're essentially not really coding. When I was getting back into it I needed some time to get used to writing code again. That actually scared me a little because I was nowhere near ready to let go of the one thing I'm confident at.

Around the same time I switched from Mac OS to Fedora and I just felt like I was in rehabilitation. I went from coding like Bruce Almighty to coding like a sloth.

Initially I tried remapping the keyboard shortcutes of PhpStorm back to what it was like on Mac OS (using the Windows key as Command). I even had to recompile part of a GNOME plugin to unbind a key which was preventing me from binding it in PhpStorm. But after reinstalling my laptop and putting Pop!_OS on it I decided to just relearn the shortcuts.

Now I'm sat on my couch, laptop on my lap, getting used to my new setup and setting up a simple Todo app in Symfony 4. I had the tendency to jump straight into my old habits and use the patterns and libraries I'm comfortable with but I decided to take a real step back and just use Symfony 4 for a bit. Re-evaluate my stance on its auto-wiring, forms, annotation-based entity configuration, extending the base controller, etc.

Let's see where this takes me!